Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Like King-Kong

I've had a little bit of difficulty gleaming the point of this here blog. I mean, so you've got some monkeys, right? Aaand... some of them move. And most of them are cute. They've got hands for feet, that's a little creepy don'tyathink?
So this is what I drawr-ed for y'all after reading the blog description up top. Hope you enjoy, thanks for the inspiration!! ... !!! (I had to add a couple more exclamation points, you guys are really inspiring).


Scotland Barnes said...

Whoa....we need to have a point for this? Nah....logic would only result in stuff getting done...and logical stuff at that!

King Kong does RULE! Great drawing! I love it. After all is there anything better than a giant monkey and a hot girl.....I think not!

At some point this blog might do something....more purposeful? I suppose something like a contest...

Thanks for the post Valerie!

VHS said...

Thanks for the compliment Scot. :)

I DO believe that a blog whose only "point" is to gather a variety of artists' monkey renderings is a most wonderful blog indeed! I am looking forward to seeing more posts from new artists.

... New to me, anyhow. Good luck, and thanks again!