Wednesday, September 12, 2007


As this is the FIRST POST, how about everyone submit a drawing, animation, or sketch of their own work, so everyone can get to know each other. Later on we'll see about doing an official contest at some point. Hope everyone has fun with this!Here's a recent pic I did this Summer (2007), for a "Thank You " note to send folks. Been a bit of change in the design over the years. I'll have a new poster up soon!
The FIRST POST! And a look at the past, here's my first pairing of my Monkey, Mr. Scheckey, and his girl Friday, Maribelle. Back then, which was ....shit Fall 2005!, I had no idea they'd become my "iconic" characters. But, hey, if everyone keeps asking me about them, I guess there's something there.


Graham said...

Someday a monkey is going to make mad love to you Scott.

Iron Monkey Animation Club said...

You may be right....damn.

Tangela said...

Monkey love...wait isn't that tv show?